Hands on Experience


Hands on Experience

Learn the concepts of photography, the modes of a camera, techniques of composing photograph, lighting to be used; so that you can catch the image in your eyes. In the increasingly connected world, online medium is the best practice to share the artistic works. Knowledge and skills are gained through real life experience rather than just reading or seeing it. Whether you are an amateur or an experienced photographer, we help you to get hands on experience through plethora of workshops.

Amgrapher offers you a wide variety of photography workshops from basics to advanced. So next time you click a photograph, you will see the difference within you and you will cherish on the memory that you had created.

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Types of Workshops

  • Workshops for Amateur

    Are you a newbie in the field of photography? Want to explore deeply into the concepts? We will help you, this will be the perfect workshop for you. Learn the basic concepts of using a camera, tricks and techniques to be remembered and the composition concepts behind every clicks.

  • Advanced Workshops

    When you gain the experience as a photographer, you would like to be focused on certain subjects of your interest, beyond the basics. Amgrapher’s advanced photography workshops are specially designed for those needs, as well as to give you a first hand guided experience of field techniques.


Previous Workshops

Photography Basics

Photography Basics

30-06-2018     Posted By : Amgrapher

Basics of DSLR, Understanding Digital Photography, Camera Operations and handling techniques. ...

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